Social Justice in the Science Classroom (October 12, 2013 at T4SJ)
Notes from our shareout:
  • water pollution - mapping South Bay sites to areas of poverty
  • table names of underrepresented scientists
  • teaching herbalism and plants' healing power
  • teaching the politics of science (around health care)
  • Miwok culture and spiritual health from connection to earth
  • watershed activity (using paper bag or hands) and pollution
  • dissection of chicken nugget
  • TechBridge engineering design challenges for girls
  • blood typing and linking to the Central Park jogger case
  • encouraging science and curiosity even in the backyard
  • changing up norms around gender in the classroom
  • calling students scientists
  • Mayans' drawing of double helix 1000s of years ago
  • Bayview Hunters Point - environmental justice unit
  • soil testing - cost prohibitive?
  • vegetables and chemicals testing
  • Science Genius - combining hip hop and science in the classroom
  • composting program in school
  • recycling in school
  • Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells and the publishing of the genome
  • How to Smile: a good site for labs
  • LHS Beetles program

Link to some of James Watson's Controversial Comments