Notes from small group 3/22/14

Body Systems

Muscular - body type, who can be an elite athlete? how does training around muscles work? how can you have this discussion while still being sensitive to students’ abilities and encourage them about being athletic while keeping it real

circulatory - connection between heart disease, food deserts, not moving around,
don’t teach hopelessness - how can students advocate for change in their communities
fast food initiative - fast food restaurants get money to bring healthier foods, make other changes to increase health - how can students create an opportunity to make this happen in their neighborhoods?

respiratory - survey around asthma, do students have close family members who have asthma, what can you do about it?

brain - perceived intelligence and stereotypes, prejudices, growth mindset - you can use the science around neural plasticity to show how students can learn, that all students’ brains can grow and what many people believe is not based on science but stereotypes