Today, in order to practice this mindfulness, we are going to focus on something that is happening in us all the time — breath. Breath is neutral. It's not a strong emotion, it's not something we really hate or really love. It's just there, continually, all day, every day, breathing in, breathing out. We can find it any time we remember.

Start by taking one breath.
Now, close your eyes and take one deep breath.
Now take three breaths, but just normal breaths, don't deliberately change it.
Now, take three breaths, this time noticing where in your body you feel your breath. Follow the breath in this place for the entire three breaths. Wait, give some explanation to the different places the breath can be felt - belly, chest, nostrils.

We will call the place that you feel your breath most obviously your anchor. It is the place to anchor your attention. Let's try this for one minute.

You have learned mindfulness of sound and mindfulness of breathing. Both of those things are always happening. You can practice paying attention to sound. or your breath whenever you think of it.

Your challenge over the next two days will be to notice a few breaths whenever you remember. See if you can remember even one time.